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We wake up excited to create.  How do you change the world?  We work with companies who love to make a difference.  A creative process focused on client success is our goal. Innovative advertising campaigns, marketing strategy, and brand building.  And of course, it works because of strategic media placement!

“We began working with Babette Vickers of Giant Killer Shark a few years ago when we were in need of expanding our social media presence and online advertising. Not only does she understand how social media works and all that it can offer, but she was also quickly able to zero in on our advertising needs and understand our business.
In the time since we began working with Babette, we have seen increased traffic across our social media which has most definitely translated to more traffic through our front door. Babette offers a fresh approach, she is professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with; she delivers results!”                              

Joe's Gardens Bellingham, WA

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